About Us


Victoria Community Boccia Club is open to people with physical and/or learning disabilities. Boccia is a tactical Paralympic sport similar to bowls. The club does not have an age restriction, however, the club is mainly aimed at people over the age of eighteen. Victoria Community Boccia Club is the only stand-alone club in Dorset and was established to increase the number of players locally who have been forced to stop playing having left school. 

Victoria Community Boccia Club currently hires the sports hall at Victoria School, Poole. The club presently meets once a week, on Thursdays from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Victoria Community Boccia Club is run by a group of dedicated and qualified volunteers.

The club is funded mainly by the players paying a small weekly fee and an annual membership fee to cover the general running of the club e.g. the facility hire. The club raises additional funds through general public donations, grants and fundraising events such as quiz nights. Victoria Community Boccia Club is growing from strength to strength with a bright future ahead of it. 

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